About Dr. Williams

Dr. Spencer Williams established Williams Chiropractic Clinic in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1979, and combining his wealth of experience, his contributions to advancing professionals in the Chiropractic field, and his unrelenting push to remain on the cutting edge of today's most advanced techniques, Dr. Williams is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets to the Chiropractic profession in the Western United States. He chooses to continue practicing in the familiar surroundings of The Magic Valley, an area that has benefited much from his unparalleled expertise and his five-star attention to the very specific needs of every one of his patients.

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    A graduate of Western States Chiropractic College, Spencer Williams was a freshman when he first met Dr. Alan Beardall, known to be one of the most influential and inspirational Chiropractors of his time. Following Dr. Beardall’s model of the Human Biocomputer, Dr. Spencer Williams has now spent over 30 years perfecting this method, assisting in developing the Clinical Kinesiology Procedural Manuals, and identified the specific muscle test and reflexes for 30 intrinsic muscles of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. This information has led to the publishing of an instruction manual by Human Biodynamics called, “Muscles of the Neck”.  He is the author of two instructional videos on how to test the “Muscles of the Neck” and “Muscles of the Lower Back”.  Dr. Williams has taught numerous seminars and workshops on specific muscles testing and advanced Biocomputer procedures.  In addition, Doctor Williams is involved in the Doctors for Health and Wellness Foundation, a foundation focused on uniting doctors to inspire health and wellness in their communities.


    Even today, Dr Williams continues to lead the field of experts, developing a highly-comprehensive set of instructional manuals (in coordination with well-renowned Chiropractor from Utah, Dr. Craig Buhler, who was featured on the all-new documentary, "Doctored”). These manuals are set to revolutionize the Chiropractic profession, utilizing a technique known as AMIT (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique). This is one of several advanced Techniques performed at Williams Chiropractic Clinic today.

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About The Location

Set against the lush surroundings of the College of Southern Idaho campus, Williams Chiropractic clinic is a peaceful, helpful environment where you can be assured that the harmony you are looking for inside your life and body can find a place to begin here.  High-class and comfortable, smartly decorated with a sophisticated  elegance, yet, authentic enough to feel right at home. Highest quality equipment, tables, x-ray machine, and exam rooms all combine with the serenity of this uniquely private and comfortable environment to complete your visit with a sense of ease. Whether you are visiting for Chiropractic care or for a massage, each time you visit, you can be assured that your every need will be attended with utmost care and professional attention.


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About The Staff

Each staff member at Williams Chiropractic is specifically selected based on their unique personality and ability to serve in a very special way. Because you and each patient are unique, so too are the staff we have selected to serve you. We take care of our people so they will take care of you. With every visit, you will be sure to be greeted by a smiling, honest, care professional who is always happy to assist your needs.  We believe our environment is only as comfortable and inviting as the people we put in it, so please enjoy and return the same good nature, so that we can maintain this environment for all who come here.



For the highest-quality-attention to your very specific need, set up your appointment today.


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